Name: Taboo

Aura Color: Cyan

A boy with a childlike curiosity and a contagiously positive outlook, who woke up in a fear-ridden world, clueless about his life before the night he awoke. For his first waking moments, everything and everyone he faced had met him with opposition and force, except for one man. In order to survive, he will have to prepare for a dangerous and uncertain future, whilst diving into his unknown past. Though he remembers nothing, he will find that history holds both answers and limitless mysteries.


Name: Ray Walker

Aura Color: EggShell White/ Yellow tones

A swordsman in an age where the ways of the sword are long forgotten, Ray is a mysterious man fighting for a brave cause, seemingly untouched by time. He is an aura user with ample expertise in combat and leadership, using his skills in hopes that one day people like him will be free of MetaGen’s political grasp. Ray’s history, however, is as shady as the night itself, despite his evident path of righteousness. Leading a small crew of Aura User revolutionaries against MetaGen’s controlling iron fist in New Sanctum, Ray uses his wisdom, charisma, and experience to his advantage in the long battle for his people’s freedom.


Name: Cole Hawkins

Aura Color: Dirty Gold

Cole is the only member of Ray’s small crew with experience fighting for MetaGen’s side, and recalls much of his dark life before joining the ranks of the resistance. Due to his rigorous childhood, and his impressive aura abilities, he’s become an expert at the arts of weaponry of almost any kind. But he wouldn’t be caught dead without a gun. He’s a force to be reckoned with, and a valuable asset to Ray’s team. However, his angry disposition and predisposition against new faces could create tension with newcomers to the crew.

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Name: Lilly

Aura Color: Alloy Orange.

A Nubardian native that has found herself in New Sanctum fighting for people like herself. She is incredibly kind and empathetic, but also strong and firm in her disposition. Lilly has worked with Ray the longest of anyone in the crew and, at times, acts as more of a leader than Ray does. Like a mother that many of her teammates never had, she is protective of her new family and has all the brawn to back them up.


Name: Bobby Durand

Aura Color: Light Green

A New Sanctumite through and through, Bobby grew up poor in the vast city’s lower levels. After being suddenly orphaned, and his sister becoming terminally ill, he turned to petty crime and cat burglary. All to try to pay her medical bills and feed them both. Although he visited her constantly and was the only person who could make her laugh, there wasn’t much he could do. She had made him a small bracelet that he always wore for good luck during his nights out. However, he got arrested and while he was in jail, his sister passed. He was heartbroken, but it never suppressed his comedic outlook on life. To this day his sister is a driving force for his actions, and a part of the reason why he joined forces with Ray Walker. If she could see him now, she’d be proud.


Name: Alex Saar

Aura Color: N/A (Human)

Alex is a human with an intellect that simply cannot be matched. His genius has made him a leader in engineering, biology, anatomy, aurology and physics. If Alex doesn’t know it, it won’t take long for him to be an expert in it. The offspring of Malderran immigrants who were at the forefront of almost every form of science, it did not take long for his family to be in MetaGen’s radar. After facing several abominable circumstances, he finds himself once again in MetaGen’s radar. However, this time, he won’t be in their good graces.


Name: Karim

As a kid, Karim, was always fascinated by aura users. Although, she was human, she treated AUs as amazing gifts of life. Being the curious kid she was, she studied Aura like a scientist would. All the while, not knowing she would grow up to be an expert in the field of Aurology at MetaGen. Although, her job is stressful, and overwhelming at times, she has an immense amount of drive and courage, and nothing will get in her way.



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