Next Guardian, LLC is a story studio that forces its audience to identify and address the reality that our collective humanity is diminished by oppression whether we are the oppressor or the oppressed, and that through communication, honesty, respect, and equity, we create stronger communities, and a better more sustainable future.

The first project by this studio is Next Guardian - The Series. 

Imagine waking up from a deep sleep to a world of chaos. What do you do, where do you go, who do you trust? Welcome to Next Guardian, the inaugural series of NG where viewers follow Taboo who woke up in the midst of a civil unrest and now must navigate the Neo-State of New Sanctum. Along the way he’ll find both incredible friends and foes, mentors and rivals, and an entire culture devoted to his downfall.

Every character is crucial to not only crucial to his survival -- but New Sanctum’s future. With their own dreams for the future, they each place a unique role in building a foundation for a new way of life in creating and connecting civilization. 

This story is not only one of fight but one of redemption. 

And, it makes you think. What role do you play in the world we live in today?